Hypnosis is an altered state of mind which gradually concentrates on the field of attention until an intensely focused, extremely alert and physically relaxed level is reached. It provides an excellent tool to access the unconscious mind where all learning takes place, where all habits are formed, where all bodily function are controlled and where all changes are initiated and sustained.
Hypnosis is not a way of taking control of people. It is a process of giving them control of themselves by helping them to notice how they can respond naturally to different situations in life and work.
As a result of ongoing scientific research on the functioning of the human brain, hypnosis has, now, become a scientifically verifiable and acceptable technique that can effectively promote and accelerate change in human behavior.
The greatest benefit of this state is that it allows us to access infinite resources that lie hidden in the deepest depths of our minds and gives us the power to create any desired change in our lives.
Hypnotic induction is an act of deliberately creating this state. It is now being taken more and more seriously as a tool that can be used in conjunction with various other drugless therapies.
Hypnotherapy utilizes the hypnotic state to encourage beneficial change to occur by addressing the client’s unconscious mind. It can be very useful to eliminate negativity, control habits, promote personal development and unlock inner potential.


In modern hypnotherapy, clients need not undergo formal hypnotic induction. The hypnotherapist engages them in normal conversation on a therapeutic theme. He is able to induce a trance inside the conversation and is able to access the subconscious images and emotions that run their entire life. He, then, guides them to the best available solution that is acceptable to their subconscious mind.
This is also a non-content, non-invasive therapy where no embarrassing questions and threatening details are asked. Client is able to feel free, comfortable and at peace in this informal environment.
The AIM of hypnosis is to help you Access the unconscious mind, Improve your skills and Master your life.
• Achieve goals
• Change bad habits
• Control anger
• Empower relationship
• Set anchors
• Spin success
• Improve concentration
• Manage stress
• Promote creativity
• Resolve conflicts
• Overcome fear
• Validate self
• Enhance motivation
• Model new behaviour
• Accelerate learning
• Stack confidence
• Track resources
• Exercise emotional choice
• Relax mind and body
At Suvish holistic wellness center we create awareness among people about Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and related behavior based disciplines and help them to access the benefits of these disciplines.
We give personal, professional and therapeutic counseling, coaching and mentoring services and support to people so as to enhance the quality of human life and human development.
We profile, assess and predict the competency of people and match them against different jobs profiles so that companies can hire them with confidence.
We organize training workshops, seminars and other related programs in order to empower people and to initiate and maintain effective and lasting change in personal and professional life.
At Suvish hypnotherapy center and Institute we believe that people already have all the resources they need. We only enable them to tap their own potential to achieve their desired goals.


They found that each of their subjects exhibited specific personal patterns, behavior and thinking. It is these patterns, with their component elements, which form much of the basis of NLP. These patterns demonstrate how people achieve excellence in performance and which can be copied by others in order to replicate the achievements of high performers.
At the heart of NLP is a wide range of methods and models it offers for understanding how people think, behave and change. It offers a flexible approach which brings about positive, fast change in individuals and organizations and empowers them to adapt to an ever-shifting world.
NLP has been variously described as the technology of the mind, science of achievement and the study of success. NLP is an ‘incredibly effective and enjoyable way to access the potential of our brain.