Suvish Laser Therapy is a greatest gift to mankind. It has astonishing results on various cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, diabetes, Improving blood cell oxygen, reducing blood cholesterol, Triglyceride, quickly repairing the damaged tissues. It is very small and handy device which looks like wrist watch with irradiation points at its base and two external laser ports.


Following are the benefits observed after experimental evidences in our patient after regular use of the Laser therapy 1 ce or 2ce a day for few days to few months.
– Improves cardio vascular function and corrects breathing problems.

– improves the stamina and walking capacity.

– Cures sinusitis.

– Controls blood pressure.

– Controls blood sugar level/ diabetes.

– Reduces fatigue .

– Controls/ viral& bacterial infection.

– Average blood sugar level HBA1C reduces.

– Controls the post diabetic complications like neuropathy, retinopathy, vasculopathy(impaired blood circulation).

– Improves the patients conditions like epilepsy and parkinsons.

– Reduces the sexual debility gradually.

– Improvement in general health standard.

– Reduces the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) which is very harmful to health.

– Mental weakness is overcome so concentration power, alertness, memory and decision making improves.

– Improve the damaged brain tissue due accidental injury.

– Improve the condition of patient post stroke and paralysis.

– Reduces the size of nasal polyp.

– Improves the immunity.

– Helps in curing auto immune disease like psoriasis, allergy, rheumatid , chronic asthma arthritis.

– Treats the side effects of chemo therapy.

– Reduces the depression.

– Cures headache

– Improves the eyesight and vision.

– Reduces facial muscle pain.

– Deep and sound sleep.

– In HIV patients CD-4 count increases and viral load decreases .

– Suvish Laser therapy also improves the activity of various medicines as it improves the blood circulation and assimilation of medicine.

Although we see astonishing results in our patients but results are variable from person to person depending on their lifestyle, hereditary, exercise, diet etc . Cardio vascular laser is a natural way to live healthy life with the help of advanced technology. In short purification of blood with the help of laser therapy is called as Low intensity cardio- vascular laser.


In most of cardio-vascular disease conditions like diabetes, hypertension, vascular blockages, red blood cell is covered by a lipid layer therefore their electrical property of cells is reduced they become less mobile and less active. There by slowing down the blood flow and blood supply to entire body, various organs, tissues and cell thus the problems like diabetes, hypertension, heart blockages is aggravated. When Suvish Laser therapy treatment is given blood absorbs the laser energies, the apparent lipid layer of the red blood cells are leached, so that the electrical property of the red blood cell is recovered , thus specific volume of blood aggregation of RBCs is improved, restrains platelets aggregation, adjust blood vessel function and prevent thrombo embolic diseases.
1. Improves blood oxygen carrying capacity after irradiation by removing the apparent lipid layer of the RBCs.
2. Reduces blood –fat and total cholesterol through laser blood irradiation.

3. Quickly repair the damaged nasal mucosa tissues through laser irradiation and improve the rhinitis pathology.


A. Pre treatment
At Suvish patient is ideally asked to undergo various blood investigation like Haemogram, liver function test, renal function test HBA1C, Lipid profile test before selecting the patient for Laser therapy.

B. Treatment
As per the patients health condition and disease intensity 30 min laser session 2ce a day for 21 days is observed in routine patients. In case of critically ill patients like cardiac blockages, diabetes, blood pressure, 21 days program is repeated 3 to 6 times. laser treatment purifies the blood there is no necessity of any additional medicine during this therapy, but if patient is already taking any treatment for diseases like diabetes hypertension etc. Should not be stoped immediately . but gradually as the patients health shows improvement we can tapper the medicine dose.

C. Post treatment
Post laser treatment patient should follow the life style and diet changes advised by expert doctors. Patients can do their normal routine work without any problem. In case of critically ill patient diet following is important because good dietary habits will maintain good health.


Low intensity laser device is a approved therapy there are no side effects if administered as per proper protocol. As laser rays are harmful to eyes 1 should not see the laser rays by naked eyes so either protect the eyes by glasses or by covering the laser treated area by piece of cloth.